New Tender Offer Funds

This table shows funds that have recently filed registration statements with the SEC.   A large portion of tender offer funds are private offerings and their registration statements also serve as private placement memorandum.  However, tender offer funds that are offering their shares publicly need to wait for the SEC to declare their registration statements effective before they can raise capital.  

Data on interval fund launches available here, on our affiliate site

Fund Launches and Registrations

wdt_ID Fund Name Date of Registration Statement Category
1 KKR Real Estate Trust Inc. 05/28/2020 Real Estate
2 BBR Alo Fund 05/01/2020 Fund of Hedge Funds
3 Delaware Wilshire Private Markets Tender Fund 04/15/2020 Private Equity
4 Hamilton Lane Private Assets Fund 02/14/2020 Private Equity
5 ALTI Private Equity Access Fund 12/17/2019 Private Equity
6 Conversus StepStone Private Markets 10/07/2019 Private Equity
7 Keystone Private Income Fund 10/07/2019 Credit
8 IDR Core Property Index Fund Ltd 08/02/2019 Real Estate
9 AIP Private Equity Opportunities Fund I A LP 07/15/2019 Private Equity
10 Stone Ridge Trust VII 07/05/2019 Other
Fund Name Date of Registration Statement Category